Although we are Primarily Shipping Based, we do offer our Local Perks for GBC Folks Program!
  • We are 100% COVID Accommodating & Mask Friendly for Local Drop-Off & Meet-Up Services until further notice. 
  • All Shipping Charges for Meet-up / Pick-Up services outside of the Western End of Greenbrier County will be refunded to reflect a flat rate of $5. 
  • If you live in the Western End of Greenbrier County, use the code FREESHIP to receive free shipping on all orders. Please also reach out via a Customer Service Line to schedule a meet-up / pick-up. We do apologize, but if your zip code is not listed of Western Greenbrier County, West Virginia your order will be cancelled if this code is used.
With our Local Glass Drop-Off Rewards, we will gladly offer $3.00 off your next order to ALL Local Glass Returns! Your Glass Return must be dropped off on the Western End of Greenbrier County, specifically Rupert, WV. Tins as well as Varying Limited Edition Glass Sets are not Applicable.
All Local Greenbrier County Residents are Eligible for 10% Off their First Order when Subscribed to our Newsletter! 
All Military, Veterans, 1st Responders, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Nurses, & Higher Ed. Students Receive 15% Off their First Order after Inquiry! 
For further Inquiry, please CONTACT US via Email or Reach Out via Chat!
Please Subject The Header of the Email "LOCAL", "GLASS RETURN", "NURSE DISCOUNT", "WVU ALUMNI", etc. 
Please also include some form of Identity Verification that does not disclose sensitive personal information.